Taylor  Mallory

I was chosen to receive a grant from the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and the Black Music Coalition for my artistry and years of work and contributions to the music community:

Thank you to the entire staff. I feel supported, empowered, and HONORED🙏🏾

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I am very thrilled to announce that I have received sponsorship from the professional audio company, TC Helicon

TC Helicon designs music gear for singers like myself who enjoy stylizing their voice in a live concert setting. The staff’s brand specialist mentioned that they took a liking to my unique approach to singing and ‘looping’ as an R&B artist, and wanted to sponsor me. This makes me very happy and fulfilled because it gives my artistry meaning. The product under my left hand is the brand new Perform-VE.


I'm looking forward to this partnernship and I am eager to utilize this on my next song challenge. For more info and updates, subscribe to the email list on my website!

I formed a partnership with @famfoolery, a black-owned urban gaming company. This song will now be their official company jingle and theme song to their Online Urban Gaming Experience that launches this Sunday. For more details, please follow @famfoolery

The Challenge Sessions

(Vol. 1)

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