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Vocal Lessons

Our vocal lessons are tailored to each individual's goals and needs. We specialize in contemporary vocal training with a focus on breathing, ear-training, music theory, and vocal exercises.

Music Courses

Our music courses focus on music business, professional development, and Music Tech.

All courses establish a social emotional component that mesh music knowledge   with autonomy. 


Our one-on-one consultations focus on social media marketing, professional development, and artist branding. These consultations establish a social emotional component that meshes knowledge with autonomy. 

Audio / visual Services

Do you need content that boosts your engagement? Do you have engaging footage that needs to be editied?

Do you need to record a self-tape for an audition? 

We provide self-portraits, self-tapes, and video editing services at an affordable cost. 



What does "Dancing in my Room" mean? We all have danced with ideas in our minds. DIMR encourages students to express those ideas in the form of interactive vocal training, music education, and film. In short, we pair music education and film with social emotional learning. 

DIMR helps enhance the "artistry" within the artist.

Unique Learning.  Progressive Thinking.